For Sale

The club has made a few T-Shirts and Commemorative Openers over the years. The openers are made of Cast Iron. Contact our sales rep about purchasing a shirt or opener.

Here’s an opener from 2000. Remember the Y2K Bug? Here it is.  One side depicts the bug before 2000, the other side after.


Here’s a Dinosaur for the 20th Anniversary.   1978-1997



T-Shirt. Available in Extra Large only.


Contact our Sales Rep at



Downsizing some of my long-time collection.  Over 400 openers individually for sale or trade – or as a package deal. Will provide a list if interested. Some are duplicates of those I plan to keep. Some are variations as approved by the Club.

Included in the list are: F3 Lamppost Drunk, several Foundryman variations on ashtrays, Patty Pep, Freddie Frosh, All-American, Caddy, the Flamingos,  F-131 Pelican, F-280 Jackalope,  F-401a Black Face, F-420c False Teeth on ashtray, F-423 Skull (not a repo),  Kaier’s Beer Miner on ashtray (not an opener) and  Yuengling Beer man toasting a mug (not an opener). Also several other great pieces on ashtrays that aren’t openers.

Larry Long,


Looking for an F-99 Rooster.

Ed Bonsell,